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With the growing Albanian diaspora in North America and Europe, Albanian parents are faced with the challenge of finding a better way for the new generation to learn the language, beyond day-to-day conversational skills.

Learn Albanian offers convenient online classes from certified Albanian teachers who will help your child learn the language at their own pace, no matter where you live. The classes are based on a modern Albanian language curriculum, complete with rigorous training in grammar, structure, and vocabulary

How it works

Your child’s first class will consist of a thorough assessment to determine the best course plan for your child. Whether your child knows a little, a lot, or no Albanian at all, our teachers will be able to help them develop a love for the language.

All courses are taught online and are accessible on any device. You will have access to a recording of all sessions, so you know exactly what your child is being taught. Our teachers make use of the curriculum set by the Albanian Ministry of Education, ensuring that your child has access to the most up-to-date and relevant language materials

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We hire teachers who are licensed in Albania, with degrees in Albanian Language and Literature. Most of our teachers are also full-time teachers in Albanian public schools. Each teacher undergoes an ID verification and criminal record check before they join our platform. We value the feedback we get from parents, and we encourage you to submit ratings. We review all ratings frequently, to ensure that our teachers maintain the high performance standards established by
All teachers have to maintain an overall rating of at least 4.5 (out of 5) to keep teaching on our platform.

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See how your child likes Learn Albanian with a free one-hour class! If you want to continue, you can book recurring sessions at times convenient for you.

Our experienced teachers recommend setting aside at least 1.5 hours of weekly lessons for your child, but they will happily work with you to design a lesson plan that fits your needs and schedule.

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